The criminal justice system has been a drain on NYC for decades. “Broken windows” policing has done nothing but create more broken families. We can and must do better. I vow to push NYC to stop investing in the prison industrial complex.

Together we can:

  • #CLOSErikers: We must take the recent recommendations of the Lippman Commission to reduce incarceration and establish modern borough based community detention centers.
  • Improve Community Policing: Officers should be required to identify themselves and provide name, badge number, and other details to any person upon request. Officers should also be required to inform all persons of their right to refuse to be searched.
  • End Broken Windows: Force the NYPD to come up with another plan that is not based on breaking black and brown families.
  • Establish a Commission on prosecutorial conduct: Prosecutors wield a great deal of power with little oversight. We must establish a commission that can review the actions of prosecutors to create a more transparent system of checks and balances.
  • Decriminalize Marijuana: NYC should be leading the way in progressive policies on “drugs”.
  • Bail Reform: 79% of people in Riker’s Island are stuck because they cannot afford bail. We must reform this system so only those that truly need to be in Riker’s are there – and not just poor New Yorkers.
  • Increase SNUG funding: We must invest more funds from the city into violence interruption programs
  • Citations over arrests: By issuing more citations instead of arresting individuals we can reduce the need to have large and dangerous prisons.