A failing school is a choice. We must have a school system that is built for every student succeed. From Pre-K through high school, every child should have a clear path to success.

Furthermore, our higher education system must no longer be seen as a burden of debt for our children. We can, and must, eliminate the barriers that prevent New Yorkers from reaching their dreams while helping our City thrive.

In this regard, I fully support Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ‘EXCELSIOR PROGRAM’ that offers free tuition to qualified working families earning under $250,000 a year. This is the kind of thoughtful investment in our future I can support. Thousands of students in the district will not have the opportunity to go to college. Some will be the first in their family to do so. We must also continue to strengthen our Public Schools system, increase funding to hire more qualified teachers and institute more teacher training programs. The single most important factor to improving the quality of education in my district is to reduce class size and to reward teachers with better salaries and benefits for work done that is linked to productivity and quality.


Together we can:

  • Provide free school lunch for all students
  • End the over-policing of schools by reducing school safety officers and increasing counselors/health professionals
  • Use Kindles/IPads instead of textbooks
  • Turn schools into Community Centers after hours
  • Provide space for Civic Groups to hold meetings and/or events 
  • Churches, for a nominal fee, should be allowed to use auditoriums and other necessary space
  • Financial Literacy Classes for Middle/High School Students