There is no easy way to say it: New York City is short-changing our seniors.

As the “Golden” residents of our community. Seniors are entitled to live out their sun-setting years in peace and security. I am committed to working to bring relief from the high cost of utilities and rents that many of our seniors now living on fixed incomes must incur. It is my goal to make available to our seniors’ certain jobs for those who want to be gainfully employed after retirement. I will also institute a “zero tolerance” for that silent shame that is senior abuse. Seniors face special challenges relative to cost when it comes to medicines – prescription drugs costs are simply too high. I propose to work with pharmaceutical companies and our Federal and State representatives and to craft legislation at the City Council to help bring relief in this area.

There will be no stronger fighter for giving back and protecting our seniors than Cory. Together we can demand safe, healthy, and affordable housing for the men and women that have dedicated so much to our City and their families.

Together we can:

  • Eliminate city income taxes for seniors
  • Safer Streets for seniors/kids – speed bumps on residential streets that have at least 40% of seniors/kids or a senior center
  • Overhaul Access-A-Ride
  • Secure more funding for senior housing
  • Provide Free Full Fare Metro Cards for seniors